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DISTRIBUTED SECURITY QUAD CITIES (DSQC) LLC., Is a firearms and tactics training company. We train individuals to actively defend life from a violent threat. Active defense is the ability to stop a violent threat, minimizing casualties and damage, secure the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement, and saving lives by way of tactical medicine prior to Emergency Response arrival, thereby filling what is known as the "Response Gap."

Our training is for serious students of personal protection whether a new carrier or a veteran gun ower.

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DSQC imparts the skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes you need to decisively win the fight of your life.

If you're a new gun owner or new concealed carrier and if your state-mandated training left you dazed and confused and worried about carrying your gun for your own practical defense, worry no more. We have the answers, training, and community you need to quickly learn how to competently and effectively defend yourself and your loved ones.

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If you're a veteran gun owner and you want the ability to training on advanced gun handling skills and techniques outside of standard "box" range drills, you're going to love the challenges our training offers you. Whether it's maneuvering to cover, shooting under no/low light situations, applying tactical medicine, or some other skill that you don't normally get to practice, you will find ample opportunity to do so with our training programs. 

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Distributed Security Quad Cities offers the most ambitious training program in the Quad Cities area and your instructor's commitment to your training and advancement is second to none.

Your primary instructor is Jacob Pries, a DSI Certified Distributed Security Advisor and the owner/operator of Distributed Security Quad Cities.

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Jake is assisted by numerous other local DSI certified DSAs (Hugh, Greg, Kevin, and Chris), as well as DSIs Mobil Training Team who's combined efforts, provide you access to a wide host of training offerings from Tier 4 Combative Handgun training, through DSIs Enterprise Offerings such as Command School. From individual defensive training through the defense of our businesses, churches, and schools - we have the resources and training, and training resources you and your organization need.

We do this by providing you with a unique training experience and support system presented by knowledgeable DSI certified Distributed Security Advisors (DSAs), all experts in their fields (military, law enforcement, lawyers, medics, etc.), who give you personal attention, answer all of your questions, and help you reach your full potential - before, during, and after your initial range training.

In other words, your training isn’t cookie-cutter “one and your done” type of training event. It’s designed to get all of your questions answered, help you gain serious fighting skills, and to get you to a point where all of your doubts are removed - and at your own pace.

Our team will be there every step of the way, making ourselves available multiple times per week to ensure you get the best advice and training available anywhere at any price.

Our flagship class, the Tier 4 Combative Handgun Program, is a perfect deep-dive hands-on learning experience for beginners and veteran shooters alike, and it sets the foundation for advanced training courses (Tiers 3-2) where your Tier 4 Combative Handgun certification may well be a prerequisite.

Completing the Tier 4 series (or having demonstrated an acceptable equivalent level of competencies) allows you to take the DSI Tier 4 Handgun Skills Test (T4-HST).

Students who pass the T4-HST with 80% or better, will earn a Certificate of Completion and when used in conjunction with the Certificate of Completion from their Online curricula students will earn the DSI Tier 4 Graduate Certificate and opening the way to more advanced courses like the Tier 3 Individual Tactics and Tier 2 Team Tactics courses.

  • Prospective Owner - Click Here

    Prospective Owner - Click Here

    Start here for information on whether or not you should purchase a gun, the type of gun to buy for self-defense and the training resources you need to safely and effectively defend life and property. Read More
  • Individual Training - Click Here

    Individual Training - Click Here

    New and experienced gun owners. Firearm fundamentals. Handgun. Shotgun. Rifle. Individual tactics. Personal. Family. Home. Street. Home invasion. Road rage. Mob. Training Plans. Read More
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    Team Training - Click Here

    Enterprise. Church. School. Community. Firearm fundamentals. Individual tactics. Team tactics. Assessments. Training Plans. Terrorism. Active Shooter. Hostile Terminations. Riots. Read More
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Our training is delivered via online, on-range, and on-site offerings administered by myself and my highly qualified team - Only DSI-certified DSAs teach the DSI Curricula. Your DSAs take a very hands-on approach to your training and make themselves available to answer your questions via email, user groups, online tours, online training events like tier and modular appropriate dry practice sessions, and both pre and post-course live, online Q&As, both prior and AFTER your training events.

You can purchase a single online course, subscribe to a monthly online training program, attend one of our on-range Combative Firearms courses, students, and members can take advantage of our thrice-weekly Online Morning Dry Practice Training opportunities, or attend private lessons.

We use online tours and Q&A sessions to answer all of your questions and make sure you are moving in the right direction before you ever step foot on the range with us. After your dynamic and gun handling intensive live-fire range training session, we will continue to engage you through our thrice-weekly online Dry Practice sessions. Should you choose to attend these invaluable training sessions, we will show you how to identify your own training goals, and teach you how to achieve your goals in times you never thought possible. Additionally, your instructors will show you how to use the various combinations of videos, photos, narratives, scripts, formats, briefings, exercises (dry and live), and scenarios to develop the skills, techniques, tactics, and strategies necessary to competently defend life and property, all on a schedule that fits your needs.

Our training programs and resources will:

  1. Help you decide whether or not you should buy a gun and if so what to buy.
  2. Teach you basic gun safety and effectiveness, and how to practice safely "dry" in order to build skills while away from the range.
  3. Develop basic weapon skills for combative handgun, rifle, and shotgun.
  4. Train you on individual tactics, tactical medicine, and communications so you can eliminate lethal threats, and competently apply life-saving tactical medicine, and clearly communicate with authorities and others around you.
  5. Train you in the skills to work as an effective teammate and as an effective team to defend an enterprise, church, or school.
  6. Teach you the command skills necessary to defend your immediate community.
  7. Tie into your local distributed security network or help you build one out.

Ready to take the next steps in gaining confidence in your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones? Registration is easy: Just select the course and the date you would like to attend from the Training Calendar and email us at sapper834(at)gmail.com with the desired course name, date, and time.

Alternatively, call us at (563) 940-2836 to schedule your course. Please leave a message if there is no answer - someone will call you back and answer all of your questions.

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