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Basic Plan Strip 2

For new gun owners who want to learn basic self-defense skills necessary to defend themselves and their family from a lethal threat. Includes online 5-Day Kick Start course, plus drill videos, tactics and scenarios. Personal. Family. Home. Street.


Your first five days are free. You can cancel at any time.

If you've purchased a gun for the first time, then the most important thing you can do is become a member of our on-line Defense Academy. Our on-line training resources are designed to get the new gun owner up and running - safely and quickly. Start by signing up for a Basic membership and begin the on-line 5-DAY KICK-START course.

As a Basic member you also have access to our online Concealed Carry course, and our Dry Practice Guide, plus you get your own online Private Training Group (sort of like a virtual locker where you can store all of your training stuff) and immersion in our member community, where you can communicate and interact with other like-minded folks.

Plus, you will want explore the other content, courses and training plans found inside the online Defense Academy. You can expand your skill set and learn more advance techniques and other weapon systems, or you can maintain your basic skill set by regularly reviewing and practicing the skills you just learned.

SIGN-UP BELOW. The Basic membership is $19 a month. Your first 5 days are free. Thereafter your credit card will be charged $19 per month for as long as you stay a member. Of course you can cancel at anytime.


Free for 5 days, then USD 19.00 per 30 days
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