Tier 4 Handgun - Module 2

DSI’s Tier 4 - Module 2 Handgun Skill Builder is the second module of four in the Tier 4 Combative Handgun Program.

Completing the Tier 4 series (or having demonstrated acceptable equivalent competencies) allows you to take the DSI Tier 4 Handgun Skills Test (T4-HST).

Students who pass the T4-HST* with 80% or better, will earn a Certificate of Completion and when used in conjunction with the Certificate of Completion from their Online curricula students will earn the coveted DSI “Graduate” Certificate.

DSI’s Tier 4 - Module 2 Handgun Skill Builder is a pragmatic live fire intensive course starts with testing of those vital combative skills learned in the Combative Handgun Basics (Mod 1) course and then adds more essential skills such as; teaching you how to safely and rapidly draw from concealment, and how to holster safely after your finished fighting, how to integrate sighted combative fire to improve your accuracy at distance giving you the confidence to quickly guaranteed effective hits out too well beyond 25-yards (range permitting), the correct reload to use if you are worried about going empty and are short on time, you will continue to practice your maneuver by moving to cover diagonally and laterally, you will learn what to do when immediate action doesn’t work, and you will begin learning how to operate effectively in reduced light environments.

But that’s not all, Module 2 also teaches you vital stop the bleed techniques such as how to properly apply a tourniquet, control hemorrhages by packing wounds, using blood-clotting agents, and the proper use of pressure dressings for yourself (self-aid) and others (buddy aid), and it will help you lay the foundation for clear communications.

Handgun Skill Builder, like its predecessor, is wrapped in a 4-hour shooting intensive dry-practice and live-firing drill training session and is backed by all of the pre, and post-course support materials found in the DSI Defense Academy.

Like in Module 1, my fellow DSA and I will remain available to answer your questions with my weekly Live Post-Course Q&A, where you can get your questions answered directly by me or my team of DSI Certified DSAs. Most importantly, we host thrice-weekly 30-minute Online Dry Practice Sessions where we will answer all of your self-training questions, help you sharpen your skills with dry practice, and help you achieve your training goals between classes by using your fully customizable Daily Training Plan and the DSI Training Notebook.

Registration is easy: Just select the course and the date you would like to attend from the Training Calendar and email us at sapper834(at)gmail.com with the desired course name, date, and time.

Alternatively, call us at (563) 940-2836 to schedule your course. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

The primary instructor for this course is Jacob Pries a DSI Certified Distributed Security Advisor (https://www.distributedsecurity.com/about-pulse-o2da/certified-training-instructors.html) and he is the owner/operator of Distributed Security Quad Cities.

Visit our Tier 4 - Combative Handgun page (https://www.distributedsecurity.com/offerings/training-home/handgun-skill-mastery-modules.html) to learn more our unique approach to firearms training.

Price: “Free” - The Tier 4 Module 1 price of $800 covers ALL Modules (1-4).

*While the T4-HST is challenging if you have been taking full advantage of all of your DSAs weekly range and Online training opportunities (like the thrice Weekly Online Dry Practice Training) and following his guidance in your Daily Training Plan, you will have no problems with your skills test.

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Shooting Sports Quad Cities
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