Active shooter. Terrorism. Gangs. Organized crime. Mobs. Civil disturbances. Antifa.

Do you own guns? Have you taken NRA training? Maybe you have firearms experience gained from law enforcement or the military. The Defender 300 is designed for experienced gun owners who are also key influencers within their local community.

Become a Defender 300

The purpose of the Defender 300 (D300) program is to train a cadre of 300, highly-committed community leaders to defend their businesses, churches, and schools from violent threat.

1. Do you live in a community increasingly under threat?
2. Do you have the dedication to train to defend your immediate community?
3. Do you have the relationships necessary to establish a distributed security network?

What are Defender 300s?

Defender 300s are trained and commissioned representatives certified to present Distributed Security, Inc. offerings within their local communities. As a certified representative the D300 is compensated via a sales commission for business that results from their representation. Defender 300s receive:

1. Commission off the sale of DSI enterprise services.
2. 33% discount off of DSI Combative Firearms (T4), Individual Tactics (T3), Tactical Medical, and Tactical Communications training programs.
3. Access to all on-line Defense Academy content - manuals, videos, courses, training plans, etc.
4. Opportunity to qualify as a DSI certified instructor.

What can D300s learn?

You have to train to become a D300. This includes on-line and on-range training. There is a D300 school you must attend and test out of and then an instructor certification process that you must pass. This is what a D300 can learn:

  1. Combative handgun, rifle, and shotgun skills.
  2. Tactical skills operating solo and as a team.
  3. Tactical medical skills.
  4. Tactical communication skills.
  5. How to instruct combative firearms courses.
  6. How to do a security assessment for a business, church, or school.
  7. How to develop a distributed security network in your community.
  8. How to market turnkey, kinetic, security offerings to community enterprises.
  9. This historical underpinnings of the defended enterprise.
  10. The strategy driving networked security operations.

What do D300s get?

Members of the D300 Strategic Defense Group access an integrated tactical training program and business model that delivers effective and sustainable defense of community life and property. This is what the program offers:

  1. Business model. Meaningful revenue opportunities via commissions and high-end training courses.
  2. Enterprise offerings. Full menu of tactical training packages targeted at business schools and churches.
  3. RBT tactical training. Comprehensive reality based training methodology utilizing UTM or Simunitions. .
  4. Distributed Security Networks. Training and education on developing local distributed security networks.
  5. Private Training Group. Your own on-line private training group for you and your students/followers including storage of training videos, photos, and content.
  6. Subscription/membership model. Generate recurring revenue via sale of individual and team memberships to the Defense Academy.
  7. On-line training plans. Stock plans are available for beginner, advanced, and team trainees. Plans are interactive and Smartsheet driven
  8. On-line learning resources. Access to more than 100 on-line DSI training courses including tactical medical and communications.
  9. On-line instructor portal. Access to all instructor content including course scripts, timelines, marketing collaterals, etc.
  10. On-line training resources. Handgun, rifle and shotgun videos, photos, and manuals, plus, case studies, scenarios, and other content.
  11. Blog posting. Blog posting privileges on the Distributed Security blog Warrior Capitalist.

It’s not about the money. But it is.

There is a sentiment found among some in the gun community that firearms training should be free. The NRA perpetuates this notion by promoting low cost or no cost offerings ostensibly to encourage new gun ownership. We continue to see free “training” for women, schools and churches which sets both a dangerous precedent and expectation as to the quantity and quality of training necessary to mount an effective defense.

Most first-time gun buyers spend less on their firearms training than they do for a month’s worth of yoga classes. Or a new golf putter. And worse yet, once they have completed training they don’t practice what they learned (going to the range and shooting 100 rounds from a stall at a stationary target is not practicing).

Serious training will cost money. Defending your community with competently trained community residents requires time and commitment. The D300 program was designed to provide a potentially significant revenue source for our D300s and a potentially profitable business model for participating enterprises.

We do not require any sort of an upfront payment from our D300 candidates or those who eventually certify as a commissioned agent. Our D300s get free access to thousands of dollars of on-line training resources and they are able to take our course offerings at cost (33% discount). But most importantly, they will learn how to help enterprises within their community mount an effective, sustainable, and profitable defense.

There are two components to the D300 program.

There are two components to the Defender 300 program, agent commissioning and instructor certification. D300s must first qualify as a commissioned agent before certifying as an instructor. It takes 20 hours of blended education conducted over 30 days to commission as an agent, and then 90 hours (on-line and on-range) over 12 weeks to certify as a Tier 4 Instructor.

THERE IS NO COST cost to the D300 candidate to go through the commissioning school. Once commissioned the D300 is elgible to certify as an instructor and receives a 33% discount off of the certification cost. In summary:

Commissioned Agents are business development partners who have been trained to promote and present DSI Enterprise offerings within their communities and:

  1. Receive a commission off the sale of DSI enterprise services that they originate.
  2. Can take any of our individual courses at a 33% discount.
  3. Get free unrestricted access to all on-line Defense Academy content.

Certified Instructors are independent instructors authorized to instruct and certify their own students. They can:

  1. Instruct Tier 4 and Tier 3 individual courses in their community.
  2. Generate enterprise commissions as commissioned agents.
  3. All D300s must attend the commissioning school and pass the certification test. While most will go on to then certify as instructors, it is not mandatory.

How does the D300 program work?

The D300 program has three components; classroom, training, representation.

Classroom (D300 school). If you are accepted into the D300 program, the first thing you have to do is successfully complete a 20 hour on-line course conducted over a 30-day period, and then pass a certification test. Upon successful completion the new Defender 300 is then commissioned as a certified representative and can represent DSI offerings within their local community. Once commissioned, the representative must regularly attend a 1-hour weekly staff conference call to maintain their commission. There is no cost to the prospective D300 for the 30-day school. 

Classroom format.

  • Four - 1 hour GoToMeeting/Webinar lectures - Mondays @2000 EDT.
  • Four hours of weekly "homework" assignments via our on-line Learning Management Software courses.
  • Final certification exam which is taken on-line.

During the course you will learn how to sell the DSI offerings. The course will include the following topics:

  • Week 1 - Section 1: Historical background
  • Week 2 - Section 2: Strategic implications 
  • Week 3 - Section 3: DSI training and offerings.
  • Week 4 - Section 4: How to develop a distributed security network.

Training. The second component of the D300 program requires that you complete our Tier 4 and Tier 3 training programs within 18 months of your commission. As a D300 you get a 33% discount off of the the price of the courses. Depending upon your background you might also qualify to certify as a DSI instructor. Your hands-on familiarity with our courses is of fundamental importance in order to properly present DSI  offerings. 

Representation. The D300 School will teach you about distributed security networks and how to sell the services associated with them. The third component of the program will be your active representation of DSI offerings to businesses, churches and schools within your community. We train you how to do this, provide you with basic collaterals, and you earn a commission off of any business you generate. The primary responsibility of the D300 is to open up potential relationships by contacting prospects within their personal network as well as prospecting for new clients. The D300 is responsible for the initial contact and presentation after which DSI representatives will assist in further conversations with the prospect including negotiating and closing the agreement.

The D300 program requires a significant commitment.

It takes 110 hours to initially certify as a D300 instructor. Compare that to the amount of time required by the NRA and other “diploma mill” certification schools offering CCW and other instructor certifications. The time required to achieve the certifications and maintain currency is similar to the time and commitment one makes to maintain a competitive level of athletic achievement – triathletes, marathoners, martial arts, etc.

The most important attribute necessary to become a successful D300 is tenacity. Do you finish what you start? Do you honor your commitments? Maybe you were in the military or law enforcement. Perhaps you’ve taken advanced civilian training. Proof of basic accomplishments are a must whether in your profession or your community.

D300s are trained to basic SWAT level competencies while educating them to present and promote DSI offerings within their community. You must be fully versed on the tactical, logistical, and operational requirements necessary to develop distributed security networks in your community.

How to apply to become a D300 certified representative.

This will likely be one of the toughest commitments you make. In order to become a Defender 300 you must first apply and pass a detailed review. It will take about 2 weeks to complete the application process. We limit the D300 School attendees to 20. The next D300 School starts on July 1, 2019.

1. The first step is to answer a few questions. You can do this one of four ways: 

  1. Fill out the on-line form. Click this link.
  2. Send an email to and we will email back the questions for you to answer.
  3. You can contact us via Signal for the questions to answer. Use this number 6059299760.
  4. You can contact us via Wickr for the questions to answer. Use beerthief as the contact.  

2. If you have what it takes from a preliminary viewpoint we will then send a detailed application for you to fill out. 

3. If your detailed application looks good we'll then schedule a 15 minute video interview.

4. If you pass the interview, the last step is a background check and submittal of personal references.

5. If your background is solid and references check out you will be accepted into the next scheduled D300 School. 

Additional information about Distributed Security, Inc.

Please familiarize yourself with the following resources prior to applying. 

1. What is a distributed security network? Introduces the concept of distributed security bases, tactical training centers, and distributed security networks. 

2. The DSI On-line Defense Academy. A summary of the content found inside the Defense Academy.

3. The DSI Enterprise offering. Provides detail on the full enterprise offering which is what D300s will be representing. 

4. The DSI training guidelines. Explains our recommendations on how much training is enough including our emphasis on persistence training and practice.


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What Is A Distributed Security Network?

Video introducing the concept of a distributed security network, distributed security bases and tactical training centers.

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