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From this page you can access your paid program, purchase an a la carte offering, and access our free offerings. 

If you're here for the first time, you can access many free resources in order to get an idea of our training program methodology. If you'd like to start a paid plan you can do so at any time by clicking any of the program links. To get started we recommend:

  1. Download our mobile app DEFEND! iOS |  Android. It's free and is the best way to stay in touch with the community.
  2. Interested in starting your training? Sign-up for one of our training programs:

Once you have signed-up for a training plan you will work with two resources, your own personal HQ inside the DA and your fully customizable Individual Training Plan. 


This is the hub for managing your personal information, group memberships, connections, interactions, plans, and subscriptions. You can upload your own videos, files, and analyses.

The key below will explain how to access the various features and content found in the Defense Academy.

Screen Shot 2017 10 19 at 12.22.32 PMInstructions For Using Your HQ

1. Edit. You will use this tab to create and update your profile. Click on "Edit" then "Update Your Profile". You will then see four more options for creating and updating your profile:

  • Canvas: "Canvas" is a large image you can upload the becomes the backdrop of your profile.
  • Contact Info: This is your basic contact information.
  • Experience: Indicate your prior training or current job responsibilities. This is where your rank and certification within the DSI system is displayed.
  • Portrait: Upload a face shot or other image.

2. Connections: "Connections" are friends and colleagues inside the Defense Academy. You manage these connections with the "Connections" tab.

3. Training Log. This function works like a training diary or log. You can post your own comments and links in your Training Log. Your Training Log is where we place your Individual Training Plan so you can open it and customize or update your plan. Send us an email at info@distributedsecurity.com to activate your Individual Training Plan.

4. Training Groups: The most powerful feature of your HQ is the "Groups" functionality. You can set up your own group and invite others to join. Groups can be created for Teams, ATP's, DSAs, students, client organizations, media etc. (Teams that are enrolled as an enterprise security cadre will each have their own Private Training Group). Inside "Groups" you may find special offers or opportunities from your ATP or DSA. Make sure to check your "Groups" daily. Groups allow members to (for instance) post upcoming events and training dates; upload photos and videos of training; and post files or references useful to others.

5. Files: Upload your own training files. Store your most used PDF's from the Defense Academy.

6. Photos: Upload your own training photos.

7. Videos: Upload your own training videos.

8. Subscriptions: This tab is where you go to manage your subscription to the Defense Academy. You can upgrade to a different membership or cancel your membership with this tab.

9. Forums: This is your link to our community-wide forum. You can view any of your posts to the Forum under this tab and keep up with any conversations that you might be tracking. Individual groups can set-up their own private forums.

10. Invites. Use this tab to invite friends or colleagues to connect.

11. Log-in Box. You can check and edit your profile from this box along with any private messages.

12. TacChat. This is an on-chat box. Click it to open up a conversation. This is covered by our CFI's and business development folks. Ask questions about your membership, site navigation, and training.

13. Courses. These tabs are for your courses. Your courses will be added here and tracked. Also, your certificates for course completion are displayed here as well. 

14. Messages. Your private messages are listed here for quick access.

Establish your daily ritual. Every day you should: Check your "Profile" for messages, invites, etc. Check the "Forum" for conversations. Do some training. Monitor your progress with the Training Log. Check the Threat Center for a detailed look at current threats. Keep an eye on the Master Schedule for members only events and activities plus courses and programs that may be scheduled in your vicinity. Sign-up for a course or program.


Our training programs are driven by interactive spreadsheets that allow us to collaborate on your training in order to keep you on track and heading towards accomplishing your training objectives. Each Individual Training Plan functions like a traditional Excel spreadsheet except that it also offers the ability to interactvely access people and resources. Each plan designates specfic tasks and activities most of which involve interacting with content and resources inside the Defense Academy. The Individual Training Plan power is in its ability to provide deep linking to these resources so you can easily access and work with them. After you pay for your plan you will find your opening Individual Training Plan inside your DA HQ. Below is a sample Individual Training Plan to show you how they work:

Member Login



Q: The Defense Academy is HUGE, where should I start?

A: Preview our free resources then sign up for a plan that fits your needs. Once you have signed up for a training plan and are logged in, you will be directed to your "HQ" tab/page (the HQ tab is at the top of the page all the way to the left in the menu bar. If you do not see the HQ tab, you are not inside the Defense Academy or "DA," to access the DA (Defense Academy) click on the "Members" tab in the top right of the menu bar). Near the top of your HQ page, you will see the "Training Portals" with corresponding images. Hover over the image and click the red linked text to enter your training plan. Follow the instructions in your training plan. 

Q: Should I attend the weekly on-line conference calls?

A: If you have questions about how to prepare for your course, what to do after your course to keep your skills sharp, or general questions about your training then yes, you should attend a weekly on-line conference call. Your DSI CFI (Combative Firearms Instructor hosts weekly on-line conference calls. If, for whatever reason your not able to attend your CFI's online conference call, please join us for our Weekly Students Defense Academy Tour, Pre and Post Training Q&A sessions.

DA Tour: 1900 - 1930 CDT
Pre Course Instruction: 1930-2000 CDT
Post Course Instruction and Training Q&A: 2000-End CDT

At the appropriate time, please join us from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Meeting coordinates provided at the bottom of the "Resources" tab and can be accessed by clicking on the "Weekly Conference Call" from the drop-down menu.

Q: Is your name Pulse O2DA or Distributed Security, Inc.?

A: In February 2017 Pulse O2DA changed its name to Distributed Security, Inc. (DSI). The name change reflects the growing portfolio of services offered by Pulse O2DA and the evolving nature of its mission. Since its founding in October 2010, the firm has developed an integrated offering of on-range, on-line and on-site training packages for individual, home, business, and community defense. You will find various pages, documents, and logos carrying the old Pulse O2DA name.

Q: How do I upgrade to Advanced or Team membership?

A: Go to your "Subscriptions" tab and click on it. You should have options to upgrade there. If not send an email to info@distributedsecurity.com and we'll help you.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You can't, once we have your credit card information, it's ours for life... Just kidding ;) To cancel your subscription simply go to your "Subscriptions" tab and select cancel. If you need help send an email to info@distributedsecurity.com.

Q: Why can't I access all of the content?

Your content rights are determined by your membership level which determines what you can see and not see. If you click on a menu that is not available to your membership level, you will be forwarded to the DSI home page. If this happens simply click the "Membership" tab at the top to get back into the Defense Academy.

Q: Does DSI's on-line training take the place of range training?

Absolutely not. All of our on-line courses and plans are designed to support your on range training. It is critically important that you use a DSI CFI or competent local instructor for your on-range training. 

Q: Will I lose my profile information and course tracking if I cancel?

A: Unfortunately, yes. We have no way of starting and stopping membership subscriptions. 

Q: My business, church, school, or community is interested in your training, how do I get the ball rolling?

A: Simply send an email to info@distributedsecurity.com to start the conversation. You may also be happy to know that we even offer referral commissions to our members.