Weekly Conference Call

Copy for Weekly Online DA Tour Training QA


Do you have questions about how to prepare for your course, what to do after your course to keep your skills sharp, or general questions about your training? If so, please join us for our Weekly Students Defense Academy Tour, Pre and Post Training Q&A sessions.

DA Tour: 1900 - 1930 CDT
Pre Course Instruction: 1930-2000 CDT
Post Course Instruction and Training Q&A: 2000-End CDT

At the appropriate time, please join us from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/273372341

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (408) 650-3123

Access Code: 273-372-341

New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts:

The weekly Live DA (Defense Academy) Tours, Pre-course, Post-course Training Briefs with Q&A allow you to ask those questions that have arisen throughout the week that may not have been answered elsewhere, such as in the (HQ) DSI Live Tier 4 Daily Training Plan Walk Through and Dry Practice Review which is exclusively for Veteran and Current Tier 4 Students and Defense Academy members.

More important than these HQ streams, are your CFI's streams. Your CFI's should be your first reach and you should use the HQ live streams as needed or desired.

To access ALL DSI and DSI CFI streams, please download the free Discord app (https://discordapp.com/download), create an account, and then join our DSI HQ Discord server here: (https://discord.gg/g9EgpM9) to find both DSIs live streams, as well as your CFI's streams and chat.

Once you have an account and are on our server, you can join both your CFIs streams as well as our (HQ) live on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 0600 (Central) for the exclusive Members and Students only Tier 4 Daily Training Plan Walk Through and Dry Practice Review.

I (Ron) will post any new links and updates to the top of this page as we adjust the process, change mediums, etc, so check back as needed.

If you missed the first live stream Tier 4 Dry Practice w/me you can access the video and posted links here.

We are using my copy (Ron's Copy of the Student's Tier 4 Daily Training Plan) to show you what is happening with student training and to give you a clear path forward.

As DSI students and DA members, you should now be well aware of the great value DSI CFIs, training, and resources give you. You know you can send your friends and loved ones to us for some of the best curriculum and firearms and tactics training available today. 

So it should come as no surprise that I ask you to please make sure you spread the word about real security (vs. security theatre) through distributed security networks and make sure you pass on the FREE DSI Defend! app for both iOS & Android.

While the Defend! app is designed specifically to get new gun owners up to speed quickly, as a veteran gun owner you will find it a handy way to brush up on the basics during your Dry Practice. Your early support now helps to motivate us to give you more of what you want out of a practical and serious app for you and your team.

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If you are having trouble finding out what is going on, please feel free to contact me directly on our Discord server (see above).