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Designed for smaller organizations with limited budgets this membership includes a private training group inside the DA, instructions on how to; conduct a security analysis, form a security cadre, and provision the team, and, full access to more than 60 on-line courses covering weapon fundamentals, individual and team tactics.

The Team Level Membership - six member team for $289 per month.

THE HUB FOR ALL DISTRIBUTED SECURITY, INC TRAINING RESOURCES is our online Defense Academy. Inside you will find content, instructional courses, lectures, training plans, and other resources designed to help you achieve your training objectives.

The TEAM membership for the Defense Academy is designed for smaller organziations with security teams who face a common security challenge - in the event of a violent confrontation, how do you defend your employees, staff, parishioners, or customers until the arrival of law enforcement? Our Team membership is intended to provide the content, instruction, plans, and resources for small teams to learn how to defend life and property.

Our Team Level training expands the area of operation from an individual in their home or on the street, to a team working to secure your house of worship. We build our team plans around 6-member cadres and utilize our 12-month Advance training plan to train them to SWAT level competencies*. Training of the individuals to work as a team is only part of the process. Because they are working to secure a physical location, it is necessary to add to the plan, various analytical and organizational steps. The Team Plan details the following steps necessary to secure building and property including:

  • Conducting a security analysis.
  • Forming your security team.
  • Provisioning the team.
  • Operational planning.
  • Training the team.
  • Validating your training.
  • Mobilizing the team.

DSI has been at the forefront of creating programs and strategies that train individuals in organizations to defend their life and property. Our Team membership to the online defense academy is designed to provide the content, instruction, plans and resources for small teams to learn how to defend and protect lives. The cost for a Team membership to the online defense academy is $289 per month for a team of 6 individuals.

Teams get their own online Private Training Group (PTG). 

Consider the Private Training Group as your virtual ready room where you store your important information - photos, videos, files, announcements related to the organization, training and operation of your security team.

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Each Team gets a customized interactive training plan and supervising instructor.

Anchored by participation in DSI's on-range training courses, this plan defines pre-requisites for each progressively more challenging level of training, and specifies the readings, videos, and practice drills that must be addressed before course attendance at each level. The plan is not overly prescriptive - there remains considerable flexibility for the student to control his own pace and adapt the program to his individual schedule and circumstances, while still focusing on the end goal of proficiency in two weapon systems and in the tactics and cognitive knowledge that will allow the sober, lawful, and deliberate application of those skills as an individual, and as a member of a team or larger articulated unit in defense of home, business, church, school or community against evolving threats.

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In broad outline, this program ensures competency in the combative use of handgun and rifle; in the principles of individual tactics that will make you hard to kill and allow you to apply those skills successfully in a fight for your life; and in the cognitive infrastructure of intelligence, communications, planning, collective training, and organization that will provide you the enormous leverage of working with like-minded and similarly trained people to secure your business, school, church,or community in that critical gap between the sudden appearance of a violent threat and the decisive intervention of law enforcement - a gap that is steadily widening in much of America as the social contract frays and resources contract.

Click on the Team membership option to get started. The Team membership is $289 a month for six team members. Of course you can cancel at anytime.

Team Membership

START YOUR TEAM TRAINING by signing up for a membership to the on-line Defense Academy. This membership is designed for CEOs, managers and employees who face a common security challenge - in the event of a violent confrontation, how do you defend your employees, assets, and property until the arrival of law enforcement? This is a monthly membership subscription for up to 6 employees and provides a guided step-by-step plan for defending the enterprise.

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Each team gets it's own Private Training Group inside the Defense Academy where their training plans, videos, photos, rosters, schedules, etc. are kept. Of critical importance, this membership includes instructions on how to; conduct a security analysis, form a security cadre, and provision the team and full access to more than 60 on-line courses covering weapon fundaments, individual and team tactics. Click here to start your Team membership.

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Skills, Tactics and Techniques

Skills, tactics and techniques students learn as they progress through our training programs.
Definition of Sides
Wearing of Equipment
Chamber/Mag check
Stance and Grip
Positions Out of Holster
The Draw
Contact Drills
Magazine Index
Load Unload
Tactical Reload
Speed Reload
Immediate Action
Remedial Action
Empty Gun Reload
Tactics & Techniques
Basic Footwork
Sphere of Influence
Cover Concealment
Basic Clearing
Slicing the Pie
Terminal Angle
Clearing Corners
T Intersection
4-Way Intersection
Room Nomenclature
Clearing Rooms
Searching Rooms
Tactics of Home Defense
Public Building Scenario
Urban Mob Scenario
Road Rage Scenario
Gun Attack
Failure to Stop
Multiple Threats
Team Clear
Team Direct
Defending the Enterprise
Defending the School
Defending the Church
Defending the  Community
Tactical Communications: GMRS
Tactical Communications: Handy-Talkies
Tactical Medicine
Creating The Defended Enterprise. 
Security Analysis. Introduction to Security Analysis.
Conducting An Area Study.
Conducting A Site Survey.
Conducting A Threat Assessment.
Asset Evaluation.
Vulnerability Assessment. 
Creating The Private Security Force. 
Developing Plans and Procedures. 
Establishing Command and Control. 
Decision Making and Problem-Solving in Crisis. 
Creating Sustainable Security. 
Communication Challenges And Solutions. 
Post-incident Response. 
Task Catalog and METL. 
Using Tactical Decision Games.